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Fisnar JB1113NJB1113N Liquid Dispenser
The JB1113N automatic dispenser is the most popular bench controller used in industry today offering excellent value and features. It is used for many syringe dispensing applications from low viscosity cyanoacrylate to high viscosity silicones.
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Fisnar SL101NSL101N Digital Liquid Dispenser
The latest in digital controller technology with a clear digital display, the SL101N dispenses timed micro shots from 0.01 to 0-99.99 seconds. The digital dispenser has three modes of operation, manual, timed and cycling. Nine programs may be stored in the controller memory. Suitable for use in bench dispensing or integrated to an automated system.
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Fisnar DSP501NDSP501N Liquid Dispenser
The DSP501N is recommended for liquid dispensing applications requiring a larger volume of pneumatic pressure such as when dispensing silicone from cartridges, glue from tubes with an autotube system or controlling a 3-way valve. The unit exhausts a greater volume of air, which helps prevent fluid run-on.
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Fisnar DSP502NDSP502N Dispenser with Suck-back Gauge
The DSP502N includes an analog gauge to provide a visual indication of the level of suck-back measured in psi.
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Fisnar DB815SBDB815 & DB815-SB Manual Liquid Dispensers
Often a non electrically operated dispensing system is required for hazardous environments where electrical switching is not recommended, the DB815 is suitable for these circumstances. The DB815 is an economic pneumatic foot switch system, which is placed under the bench on the floor, a longer hose reaches from the dispenser to the bench.
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Fisnar PPD130PPD-130 Peristaltic Dispenser
Air free dispensing is often required for accurate transfer of volatile liquids, the technology is proven and the pumps are chosen to avoid hazardous substances. Operator contact is limited and the PPD130 can dispense shots between 0.01 – 6ml/min using Teflon tubing. The pump is reversible to provide snuff-back.
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Fisnar VPP511-VPP803VPP511-LF and VPP803-LF Vacuum Pick-Up Systems
Many applications require a vacuum pick & place wand to be used in conjunction with a dispenser for adhesive, flux, glue, flux paste and liquid flux dispensing. Fisnar Inc. offer vacuum pick & place systems using air only or electrically switched using a foot pedal.
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Fisnar VC1195VC1195N – 4-way Valve Controller
The VC1195N is a 4-way valve controller that can be used to control one or two valves simultaneously. The controller is suitable for all valves in the brochure identified as requiring or optionally accepting a 4-way controller.
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Fisnar SVC100SVC100 Spray Valve Controller
The SVC100 is a programmable spray valve controller designed for the SV1000SS spray valve. The controller provides the necessary programming functions to ensure a correctly adjusted spray and to prevent clogging. The controller enables flow rate and spray atomizing functions to operate independently.
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Fisnar RVC900NRVC900N Positive Displacement Auger Valve Controller
The RVC900N controls the PDV-1000 series of auger valves and model RV5000DPM disposable cartridge auger valve. The controller is programmable for timed shots from a minimum of 0.01 seconds. Motor speed output is maintained and kept constant, compensating for any change in material viscosity.
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