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Fisnar TMB100TMB100 SCARA Dispensing Robot
The TMB100N robotic arm is an economical assembly SCARA robot for dispensing lines, dots, arcs and circles for the purpose of filling, liquid gaskets, potting and shielding. The industrial robot is available in 3 and 4 axes configurations and is programmed using a teach pendant. Repeatability is 0.02mm and up to 100 programs can reside within the robot.

Fisnar F2004NF2004N SCARA Dispensing Robot
The F2004N SCARA robotic arm is a high speed dispensing and assembly robot, servo driven providing high accuracy and repeatability. Robotic arms can work in assembly cells, rotary assembly tables or within an in-line assembly conveyor. The F2004N is a 4-axis robot, providing tool rotation.
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