Fisnar / Dispensing Valves

Fisnar VP300VP300 – Poppet Valve
A multipurpose poppet valve developed for dispensing silicone, grease, RTV, single part epoxy, and fluid with fillers. A diaphragm located between the driving parts and the wetted parts increases the valve life and reduces valve maintenance. The valve design also provides a suck-back effect which prevents post-dispense “dripping.”
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Fisnar VMP30HVMP30H – Mini Poppet Valve
A mini poppet valve designed for smaller shot sizes than the VP300 dispensing valve, although the cycle rate is the same at 300 cycles a minute. Suitable for dispensing high viscosity liquids such as sealants, silicone, RTV, epoxy, adhesive, grease, and filled materials. The VMP30H contains a diaphragm to increase the life of the valve and reduce maintenance costs.
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