Fisnar / Dispensing Valves

Fisnar SV1000SSSV1000SS Adjustable Stainless Steel Spray Valve
A stainless steel non-clog spray valve for coating all types of paints, varnish, urethanes, liquid flux, and lubricants. The valve has an adjustable spray angle and a non-clogging spray nozzle. With a dispensing cycle of under 200 cycles per minute, the SV1000SS is designed for low volume production, prototyping and marking applications.
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Fisnar SV2000NSV2000N Adjustable No-clog Spray Valve
Fisnar spray valves provide close tolerance spray dispensing of fluids up to 1000 cps, including urethanes, flux and paints. The material is fed from a pressure reservoir. Each valve is actuated by air pressure sequenced by a controller. The operating air pressure opens a needle valve allowing material to flow; a separate air line creates pressure in the air cap, atomizing the fluid.
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Fisnar SVC100The SVC100 is a programmable spray valve controller designed for the SV1000SS & SV2000N spray valves. The controller provides the necessary programming functions to ensure a correctly adjusted spray and to prevent clogging. The controller enables flow rate and spray atomizing functions to operate independently.
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