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ITW Chemtronics Cleaner DegreasersCleaner Degreasers
Chemtronics® complete line of high purity solvents are the finest, most effective products made for critical cleaning and degreasing. Each cleaning agent possesses unique properties suited to specific applications — from precision cleaning of sensitive equipment to heavy duty degreasing. Several of these products can be used in bench top ultrasonic, immersion, and vapor degreaser cleaning systems. All aerosols can be sprayed in any direction, even upside down. Look for the “All-Way Spray” icon on the can.
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ITW Chemtronics Industrial Degreasers & LubricantsIndustrial Degreasers & Lubricants
Max-Kleen™ Heavy-Duty Degreasers rise to the challenge of your most difficult jobs. These industrial strength cleaners offer fast, easy removal of grease, tar, asphalt, oil and grime. For the extra-strength your tough degreasing jobs need.
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ITW Chemtronics Environmentally Preferable DegreasersEnvironmentally Preferable Degreasers
Eco-Rite™ environmentally preferable products are a series of products that are designed to have a very low impact on the environment. These products provide the cleaning that you expect from Chemtronics, with minimal impact on your environment. Wether you are looking for a product with low VOC’s, no harsh caustic materials, or products that have low global warming potentials, Eco-Rite™ products offer the performance and value that you need to succeed.
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