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ITW Chemtronics presaturated wipes and swabsPresaturated Wipes and Swabs
Presaturated swabs and wipes combine Chemtronics’ highly effective cleaners and static dissipative treatments with the convenience of a disposable applicator.
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ITW Chemtronics wipesWipes
Chemtronics® dry wipes are engineered and manufactured clean. They are designed for controlled environments, light industrial, benchtop, laboratory and high absorbency applications.
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ITW Chemtronics swabs and applicatorsSwabs and Applicators
Chemtronics® Swabs and Applicators are engineered for use in a variety of environments and applications. They are ideal for use with our cleaner degreasers, head cleaners, flux removers and other solvents for fast, precision cleaning. From the innovative no-lint Chamois Tips™ Swab to the general purpose Cottontips™ Swab, Chemtronics® has the right swab or applicator for your job.
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ITW Chemtronics coventry swabs and wipesCoventry™ Swabs and Wipes
Coventry has a wide variety of swabs to meet your most demanding applications. The wrapped swabs, uniquely designed with no seams or edges, prevent scratching of delicate surfaces. Also included in the product line are sealed fabric, sealed foam and static control swabs. You’re sure to find a swab from Coventry that meets your particular need.
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